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1. Complete the BARMER application form

Applying to become a member is easiest online – or simply post the completed form to us.

2. Cancel your current membership

Keep the deadlines in mind. You can cancel your health insurance after 18 months or at any time if an extraordinary right of termination applies.

3. Present your certificate of membership

You receive a certificate of membership from us and an insurance card. Present these to your employer (or your university / the Employment Agency).


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Good reasons to insure with Barmer:

"I recommend Barmer because of its innovative approach to early detection."

"I recommend Barmer because my student loan shouldn’t be for dental treatment."

"I recommend Barmer because it does more for children and young people."

“I recommend Barmer because they offer more ways to fight stress.”

"I recommend Barmer because I can save money with the optional tariffs."

And that’s not all.
All Barmer services at a glance

You ask, we answer.

We offer you complete coverage, from preventive care and treatments to aftercare and long-term care. Numerous additional benefits are also included – above and beyond statutory requirements.

You are sure to find a personal contact nearby in one of our 400 or so branch offices. Or you could give us a call: Call our Service Hotline for answers to any questions you may have regarding your health and insurance – we can even arrange a call-back at a time that suits you.

The Barmer Bonus Program pays for itself twice over: We encourage you to participate in health courses and to take preventive measures to protect your health, and we offer you attractive rewards for doing so.

We consider the trust of 9,4 million Barmer policy holders to be a serious responsibility. You benefit from a powerful healthcare network of 150,000 network physicians, clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and pharmacies. This includes Barmer’s own rehabilitation centers and wellness clinics. We are also intensely involved in science & research to improve your healthcare on an ongoing basis.

If you are still a member with another health insurance provider, you must first cancel this membership. We would be happy to assist you with this.

To cancel, all you have to do is send an informal, signed letter in which you state the desire to cancel at the earliest possible date. The subject line should contain your health insurance number. Or simply download a sample cancellation letter here. Once you do that, it is no longer necessary for you to call.

Cancellation periods: After 18 months of membership, you can cancel in writing at any time, effective from the end of the calendar month after next. You also have an extraordinary right of termination if your health insurance provider levies a supplementary premium for the first time or increases a supplementary premium or if a bonus payment is reduced or canceled.

Your new health card should arrive in around 4 business days. If we receive your application well before the end of the cancellation period, you are certain to have your new health card by the time your coverage commences.

If we do not receive your application until shortly before your coverage commences, we will nevertheless find an individual solution for you. Your insurance coverage is guaranteed.

Of course! When switching to Barmer for health insurance, seamless insurance coverage for you and your co-insured family members is guaranteed. One particular advantage: With Barmer, every spouse or registered partner entitled to benefit and every child entitled to benefit is co-insured, without any additional premiums.

Easy and convenient: The first time you visit your doctor following a successful switch, simply present your new health card. Any necessary referrals to specialist physicians should also contain the correct information regarding your insurance plan membership. Your pending referrals to specialist physicians will then be changed.

Do you have any further questions? You can find the answers here:
Barmer FAQs

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